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Friday, March 11, 2011

Dryer Balls

In my adventure into cloth diapering with W, I purchased some Buddha Bunz dryer balls and have been very satisfied with them for the most part. The one thing that was disappointing was the color! The ones I bought are just a boring beige! In my exploring, I've discovered a much bigger world when it comes to dryer balls. They come in all sorts of colors and... scents!

Since I currently have 4 dryer balls that are in perfectly good shape, I cannot really justify purchasing more at this point. But that doesn't mean I can't try to win a few to add to my collection. Love You Always and Forever is giving away a set of 2 dryer balls from Pixieval on Etsy. The giveaway ends tonight (3/11) at 9pm cst! I'm excited to get the chance to win some of these amazing looking dryer balls. Yes, I'm a sucker for pretty colored things!

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  1. Thanks for promoting my giveaway and putting my button on your blog! I hope you will enter my other giveaways as well!! :)


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