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Monday, March 14, 2011

Newborn Stash Review: Little Lions Infant Prefolds

While exploring options for cloth diapering a newborn, prefolds and covers clearly stood out as one of the most economical choices for diapers that W wouldn't be wearing for very long. So when I happened upon a great deal on seconds at Little Lions last summer, I jumped on it. I had been debating on what type of prefolds to get and after reading many positive reviews of Little Lions and finding a good deal (which I can never resist) I decided to go with the Little Lions.

Based on the deal being offered at the time, I was able to get 2 dozen Infant 4x6x4 Bleached Indian prefolds seconds for less than $22 including shipping. I was very pleased with the price. Shipping was fairly quick and I was eager to prep them as soon as they arrived although I managed to hold off for awhile since we were still months away from W's arrival.

Once I was ready to prep them I debated boiling or just running them through the washing machine. I finally settled on just using the washing machine since I had so many of them. I washed them four times on hot, drying them once after I'd washed the first two times and once after the last two washes. They definitely fluffed up nicely.

As I admitted before, I never got into using the prefolds. I tried once or twice but he was a skinny, tiny little thing when he was first born and it was a challenge. I fell in love with our fitteds and covers so I always grabbed them instead. But I was pleased with the price, the shipping, and the prep for whatever it's worth!

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this review and all opinions are my own. FormulaMom’s full disclosure can be found here.


  1. Thanks for stopping by 2 Against 1 - Twins cloth diapers, wow I can't imagine the laundry with twins. We were going through a pack of diapers a day when they first brought home. I've always respected cloth diapering mom's.
    Happy Monday!


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