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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PR Friendly

Contact: Mariah @ mariahm22(at)gmail(dot)com

About Formula Mom: Formula Mom started as an extension of my pregnancy blog. I enjoyed blogging about my experiences throughout my pregnancy and once my son was born and I stopped blogging about my pregnancy I started to miss it. After I hit my foot on the leg of the swing for the 100th time, I realized that I could be blogging all about the baby gear taking over my house! As I mixed up a late night bottle of formula, I thought about blogging about my experience trying to breastfeed then exclusively pump followed by combo feeding. As a cloth diapering mom, I'm always eager to share my experiences and successes in this area as well! Throughout my pregnancy I read a number of blogs for the reviews and found myself winning a few giveaways. The reviews and giveaways influenced a number of baby purchases I've made. I would love to be able to offer my readers the same opportunities.

Reviews, Giveaways, & Discounts: I am a cloth diapering, babywearing, co-sleeping, combo feeding (formula and pumped breastmilk) mother who is also a full-time elementary school teacher. I would love to review any products relevant to me and my family. We're an active family who loves reading, eating healthy, organization, working out, and all things baby! We also have two dogs that are spoiled rotten! I am also active on Twitter, Facebook, and a number of message boards so your product will be seen by others who follow me on those sites in addition to here on the blog.

  • Reviews: For me to review a product, I must receive a full-size, non-returnable sample of the product. When I receive the item for review, I will post your link under my "Upcoming Features" on my sidebar while I work on the review. Within 2-4 weeks of receipt of the product I will provide a written review with photos (when appropriate). Only positive reviews will be posted. If the product does not meet my standards, I will not post a negative review. Instead I will contact you to discuss the next step. When the review is complete, I will email you a link to view the review!
  • Giveaways: I am more than happy to review a product without a giveaway offering, but it is a great way to increase traffic. Giveaways can be offered in the form of a physical product or gift certificate for a set amount. If offering a product you are required to ship the item directly to the winner. I will provide you with the winner's full name, e-mail address, and mailing address once the giveaway is complete. If offering a gift certificate I will provide you with the winner's full name and e-mail address to use in providing them with their promotional code.

    To gain an entry into the giveaway I will require my readers to visit your website. If you would like them to visit other places like your blog, Facebook, or Twitter page that can also be arranged. In addition to posting on my blog, I will link up the giveaway several times a week on other high traffic blogs. Giveaways will run for 1-2 weeks unless you request a different amount of time. I'm flexible and want to meet your needs.
  • Discounts: I am more than happy to review a product without a discount offering, but it is another great way to increase traffic. If you want to provide my readers with a discount towards a future purchase, you would provide a promotional code that I will place at the end of my review along with the expiration date. Discount codes will also be indexed on my sidebar.

I look forward to working with you to promote your product and/or company!


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