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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Springing Forward?

As I sit here waiting for W to wake up while I earn my daily swagbucks and pump, I have to wonder about this whole Daylight Savings situation. I had heard about how it can throw babies out of whack but that didn't make too much sense to me because they don't know how to tell time, right? This was my pre-mommy brain trying to think logically, of course. My new mommy brain just hoped it wouldn't be true for us!

On Sunday night, W went to bed right around 8:30 or at least that's what the clock said after spring forward. In my logically thinking mind I was feeling iffy about it because really it was only 7:30! But he went down and slept until 8ish the next morning. Cue a big sigh of relief from me.

Last night he seemed right on schedule again and after he ate, I tried to put him down right around 8:45. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was still thinking about how it was only 7:45 but things had gone so smoothly the night before! 10:00 rolls around and J comes downstairs with W who hasn't fallen asleep at all. Uh oh! This is when my new mommy brain starts to get a little worried about the possibility of being up all night! (W has been a champ at sleeping and has slept through the night for a long time but I'm always worried something will change that.) After another bottle, he was finally looking like he was off to dreamland.

It's now about 9:15 and W just woke up. He is his usual smiley self so I'm relieved. Although when I put him down last night he was completely swaddled and now he is swaddled with his arms out so I guess J had to free the arms in the middle of the night at some point. But that gives me hope for the days of sleeping without a swaddle!

Now I'm still left wondering about Daylight Savings and how it's going to effect W's nighttime schedule. I suppose only time will tell! He's not a big daytime napper so as long as he's sleeping at night and getting his rest then I'm happy!


  1. Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Tuesday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

  2. I am very jealous because my soon to be one baby girl is not adjusting to the time change well at all! She is so not ready to get up when I have to get her ready for the sitters and I end up being late because she needs to nurse right before it is time to leave... sigh. (following you from the tailspin hop)

  3. New GFC follower from Frugal Friends Tuesday! Have a great day:)


  4. What an adorable little guy. How could you help but smile. So far my grand babies are doing well with the time change. My dogs are not doing well!
    I am a new visitor and follower via I love my Online Friends. I hope you have a great week.


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