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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Monkey Doodlez Bamboo Doodlez AIO

Recently I've been trying to find a good overnight diapering solution for us as W consistently sleeps from about 8:00 at night to 7:00 in the morning. That is a long haul (not that I'm complaining) and when we were using our cloth at night, we were struggling with his clothes and swaddle being wet in the morning. After reading a number of Monkey Doodlez reviews, I started to think that it might be a solution for us!

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There are a number of wonderful products offered in the Monkey Doodlez store including their Tuck and Go system, AIO diapers, Swim Diapers, Wet Bags, and other accessories. They are also a Canadian retailer of Rockin Green detergent. Talk about a wonderful variety of products!

Monkey Doodlez was kind enough to provide us with the opportunity to try a Bamboo Doodlez AIO with W. We received a Bamboo Doodlez in the Ocean Breeze color. We got a size medium based on W's weight. He is almost 20 pounds now and the medium's weight range is 14-28 pounds.

The first thing that I really like about this diaper is the color. I love that the inner is a contrasting color with the outer shell. It sets it apart from most of our diapers that have white inners. I also love how bright both colors are in comparison to many of my more pastel colored diapers. I will admit that it made me nervous to throw it into the wash with my other diapers so I washed it once on its own. There were no problems with the colors bleeding at all and I have washed it with my other diapers since then.

The second thing I noticed about the Bamboo Doodlez is the softness of the inner. According to the Monkey Doodlez website, the bamboo fibers are the reason for this as they are extremely soft and feel almost like silk. I can attest to the fact that this diaper has one of the softest inners in our stash. This is a diaper that I didn't mind having up against W's skin!

The microfleece in this diaper is made from blend of rayon made from bamboo and polyester which accounts for the softness and is supposed to be very durable. According to Monkey Doodlez the microfleece should not pill in the wash. We have not experienced any pilling and I will be interested in seeing how it holds up with more use in the future.

Since the Bamboo Doodlez is an AIO (all-in-one) the insert is sewn in. Inside this diaper is a layer of heavy weight cotton flannel and a multi layer cotton terry soaker pad. As with most AIOs, the dry time for this diaper was longer than a pocket but that is to be expected.

The size medium was the perfect size for W. With the hook and loop we were able to get a very good fit on his chubby little tummy and chunky thighs but there is still some room for him to grow into the diaper. I'm very fond of the hook and loop which is the Monkey Doodlez Doodlez tape. The goal of Doodlez tape is to hold securely while still being soft to the touch and it definitely accomplishes that goal.

As you can see, there is extra hook and loop in case you need to overlap the tabs. We do not have that problem but it's nice to have just in case you need it to get a better fit! I also like the laundry tabs as they have stuck very well every time the diaper has been washed.

Overall, we got a wonderful fit with this diaper. I like the way it fit around W's legs and at his waist. There was no gaping at his waist in the back and the legs did not leave any marks on his thighs. These are issues we have suffered from with other diapers but the Monkey Doodlez passed in both of these areas!

This diaper has been a very good daytime diaper for us and is very easy to use since it is a hook and loop AIO. It will definitely be good if it still fits in the fall when W goes to his childcare provider. It is easy on and easy off. That is one of the major perks of a hook and loop AIO -- just as easy as a disposable!

We have not tried out this diaper overnight as I originally intended because we used it during a nap one day and had a leak. I blame some of that on user error though because normally W only takes a 30 minute nap so I don't worry too much about changing him before he goes to sleep. On the day he was wearing this diaper for his nap, he ended up sleeping for an hour and a half! I think we would have been fine if he'd been put in the Bamboo Doodlez right before his nap. I do plan on trying it again though and I still really like this diaper!

Overall, the Bamboo Doodlez Medium AIO is a diaper that works for us! It fits well and stays on securely. It is also very trim which is something I can really appreciate. Finding pants that fit when W is in cloth can be a challenge especially with his chunky belly.

I recommend you stop by the Monkey Doodlez website and take a look around! You can also find them on Facebook!

For My Readers!

Monkey Doodlez is offering my readers a 15% discount on their Bamboo Doodlez and MicroDoodlez (All-in-One Diapers). Just use the discount code formula15 to save! The discount will be available for the next 10 days so take advantage!

Disclosure: I was sent a Bamboo Doodlez AIO to review by Monkey Doodlez. I was not compensated in any other way for this review and all opinions are my own. FormulaMom’s full disclosure can be found here.


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