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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A to Z Challenge: J is for J

J is the letter for the 10th day of the April A to Z challenge and it was a simple one for me. J is for J, my wonderful husband.

I was blessed enough to get to spend 15 weeks at home with W after he was born due to the timing of my leave and school breaks. My mother arranged to take 2 weeks of her vacation time to watch W as well, but that left 9 weeks before school would be out for the summer. After coming up with a variety of options, one option rose to the top and J embraced the opportunity to take 9 weeks of leave to stay at home with W. This plan means that W will not have to be in any type of daycare/sitter situation until the 2011-2012 school year begins in August.

I have seen J grow as a husband and a father in the past 18 weeks since W was born. Sure, we've had some rough days as we both work to figure out how our family with us as a mother and father but still a husband and wife but overall, I have seen him grow and change in so many wonderful ways. He has also put up with all sorts of ups and downs from me and for that I am thankful. I cannot wait to see what the coming months and years bring as I watch my husband become more and more of a father as W grows. I look forward to watching them as father and son playing sports or playing guitar. Not every father and son get the opportunity to bond the way W and J are right now. I feel that we are so blessed as a family. I am lucky to have the support of J and my mother on this adventure of being a parent!


  1. such a sweet post :) I Love it!

  2. Hi there! Just came across your blog. I am your newest follower. Your baby boy is adorable! Hope you can come visit my blog too!

  3. what a sweet post... and a loving family!
    your little one is so cute!!!
    stopping by from the alexa hop :)

  4. What a wonderful man.

    Just stopping by as part of the Alexa Blog Hop from Have a great week.

    Michelle @ Yours Faithfully

  5. Hmm... blogger ate my comment.

    So sweet - I'm loving watching my hubby grow as a daddy too. Voted while here too. (sorry for the condensed version lol)

    Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery

  6. New follower thanks to the Alexa hop! Hope you'll hop on over to my site and follow me as well! :)

  7. @Ashley sorry bout that!


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