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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Motivation

While I focus on losing about 20lbs of baby weight, I will use my prior success as motivation.


  1. I'm due to have my baby in 3 weeks. I will be in the same boat... trying to lose 45 pounds! Maybe I can check back here for motivation :)

    Following now!

  2. my husband and I are TTC and I just found out from the doctor that I have PCOS. I am reading and losing weight and exercising and staying away from sugar may help me to conceive! I am on a mission to lose as much weight as possible (the healthy way) i would like to lose about 50 lbs!

  3. @Ava good luck with your baby! I will pray for a smooth labor and delivery for you! Once baby is here, you can do it! We all can, I know we can!

  4. @Tara you can do it! If I did, anyone can! I went from being pretty lazy and eating fast food pretty much every day! I just started eating better and getting active! I need to cut back on my sugar now. I had a sweet tooth throughout my pregnancy and it's still hanging around!


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