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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Love My Mommy Mother's Day Event 2011 Sponsor Spotlight & Review: babybindle

I Love My Mommy
Mother's Day Event 2011
Sponsor Spotlight:

There is a lot of baby gear out there and I own a good share of it! Okay, there's a lot I don't own but our house has definitely been taken over by baby gear since W arrived on the scene about 5 months ago. I see a lot of products that look great, but I've tried to limit myself in what I buy to things that I think I will really use. Lately, my diaper bag is either too small for all that we need or too big when I just need a few things while we're making a short trip out. The solution to the first problem is probably finding a bigger diaper bag but I cannot bring myself to spend the money on that! The solution for my second diaper bag issue has been solved by babybindle and their amazing SeatPak!

The SeatPak is a 2010 Huggies Award Winning Product that was designed by a mother who was tired of never having enough hands to carry a huge diaper bag, her purse, her keys, the infant carrier, and the hand of her other child! She realized that she needed something more flexible and smaller to just carry the necessities and she created the SeatPak! It is extremely versatile and attaches to the side of your car seat, stroller, or even onto your purse!

The first time I used the SeatPak was on a trip to Jason's Deli. It was the only place we planned to go and I really didn't feel like lugging the entire diaper bag with us. SeatPak to the rescue! I packed it up until it would barely close and was ready to go!

I practiced attaching it before we left the house to make sure I had the hang of it. babybindle recommends you do not leave the SeatPak attached to the infant carrier when using it in your vehicle for obvious safety reasons!

I was able to fit a lot into the SeatPak including:
  • an empty bottle
  • bottle of water
  • diaper and wipes case
  • W's taggie blanket
  • formula container
  • my camera (in the front pocket)
  • my phone (in the front pocket)
  • my keys (in the front pocket)
It was a tight fit to get that all in the SeatPak but I made it work and it worked wonderfully for a quick meal at Jason's Deli!

I also used it attached to my purse one day when we were out running some errands. I had our regular diaper bag but didn't want to lug it into the store with me, so I also brought the SeatPak and filled it up with what we would need in an emergency and in we went! It stayed attached to my purse well, so that was definitely a positive for us!

I haven't used it with our stroller yet and don't know if I will because our stroller has a huge basket underneath and two cargo pockets on the side. I can definitely see the SeatPak working great with a smaller umbrella stroller and we will be getting one very soon so I will have to try it out!

Overall I love the SeatPak and think that it is an amazing product. There is one situation where I know it will not be great for us and that is any time I want to take cloth diapers with us when we're out and about. So far I have only used the SeatPak when we have been in disposables but I am working towards not using disposables as often when we go out so that could prove to be a challenge. It might work if we're in one of our hybrid systems and I only need to carry extra inserts with me though. I will have to try that out! Other than that one issue, I am in love with my SeatPak and would recommend it to every mother I know!

I am so excited to announce that babybindle has offered a SeatPak to the winner of the Welcome to Motherhood prize pack here at FormulaMom! The SeatPak comes in two colors: Chocolate Brown and Black & White. It attaches to the handle of any infant seat so you don't have to worry about compatibility!

Buy It!

You can purchase your very own SeatPak for $29.99 at babybindle. Shipping is approximately $5 and payment is handled through PayPal.

Earn Early Entries!

Remember that you have an opportunity to earn early entries into the Mother's Day Giveaway Event! The Early Entry form will be available for submission until Tuesday, May 3rd at 9:59pm EST. This will give me a day to tally the extra entries prior to the beginning of the event. You will then be able to use the extra entries on any of the giveaways being offered at FormulaMom during the event. Please note that these early entries will only be valid on FormulaMom event giveaways and will only be valid if you return during the event to complete the mandatory entry for each giveaway! To complete or update your early entries please visit the Early Entry Opportunities post.

Disclosure: I was sent a SeatPak to review and babybindle is providing the giveaway prize. I was not compensated in any other way for this review and all opinions are my own. FormulaMom’s full disclosure can be found here.


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