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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Love My Mommy Mother's Day Event 2011 Sponsor Spotlight: Kidsbooks

I Love My Mommy
Mother's Day Event 2011
Sponsor Spotlight:

Yesterday I got started on my love for children's books and today with my final sponsor, Kidsbooks, I will continue down that road! Kidsbooks publishes fiction and non-fiction children's books and all titles are educationally sound and incorporate "fun" as a learning tool. I really appreciate this philosophy as it is similar to the one I had when I was teaching first grade. Now that I teach technology, the fun seems to be built in for most students, but in the general education classroom it can be a challenge to make certain necessary activities fun for some students. This is why I love the mission of Kidsbooks, where they believe that learning can be fun!

Kidsbooks offers a wide variety of titles and over 100 new titles are published each year including softcover, hardcover, board books, and lift-the-flap books! Kidsbooks offers activity books, draw & doodle books, non-fiction books, seasonal & promotional books, and books for young readers! They definitely have an amazing variety of products!

Kidsbooks is providing a wonderful book pack that includes 4 titles. The books included in the package are Puppies Count, Rise & Shine, Search & Find: Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall, and Search & Find: People, Places, & Things!

Puppies Count teaches kids to count as they read about puppies playing and getting into trouble! The rhyming text and wonderful illustrations will keep your child engaged in the story!

Rise & Shine follows the animals of the farm as they wake up for the day. This book also has wonderful rhyming text and beautiful illustrations. It features a variety of baby animals and if your child is anything like W, he already loves animals!

Search & Find: Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall is one of the wonderful Search & Find titles offered by Kidsbooks. I love the vocabulary building possibilities of these titles. Search & Find: Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall explores the four seasons and introduces children to the vocabulary associated with each season and other objects in the scene. The brightly colored illustrations are spectacular. These books will be good for younger children who are just learning new words up through the older preschoolers who can then search for the objects in each illustration!

Search & Find: People, Places, & Things is another wonderful Search & Find title. It explores familiar settings such as rooms within a house and introduces vocabulary for each setting. It also features animal characters which are a hit with most children!

I'm very excited to feature Kidsbooks as one of my wonderful sponsors as I can appreciate any company who is working to increase the amount of good books available to children!

Buy It!

If you would like to purchase any of the Kidsbooks titles, they are available at retailers such as BJs, Costco, Sam's Club, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. They are also available at Barnes & Noble and are available at some wonderful prices. Search & Find: People, Places, & Things is currently available for $3.99 at! Puppies Count and Rise and Shine are also available!

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  1. I love children's books too! Your giveaways sound great - sorry I missed them! Thanks for stopping by today. I'm a new follower.


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