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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Babywearing: The Beginning

When planning for babywearing when I was pregnant, I looked at so many different carriers and debated which one to add to my registry. The frontrunners for me were an Ergo and the Beco Gemini in Metro Black. I finally settled on the Beco Gemini and although I didn't get it from my registry, the grandparents got it for us for Christmas.

When W was small I tried it once or twice with him facing inward and he wanted nothing to do with it! I was a little bummed out, to be honest, but I just put the Beco away for a later date. Fast forward to last week when W was extremely cranky in the middle of the afternoon (possibly because of early teething) and nothing I did soothed him much. I figured since he could face outwards now he might like the Beco. So, after fumbling to get it on correctly and get him in the right position, we had success! It calmed him down fairly quickly and I ended up wearing him for over two hours. He took a nap for 45 minutes which is 15 minutes longer than his usual naps!

I've worn him a few other times this week and am wearing this as I type! He's actually napping again. I plan to write up a more thorough review of my Beco experience once I have a bit more experience with it, but for now I must say that having my hands free to do things is amazing. My arms are also thanking the Beco because holding a 3 month old that weighs at least 16 pounds gets very tiring very quickly!


  1. Thanks for the follow! Following you back :-)

  2. I did enjoy the carriers. My youngest is just far too big for that now, although she still wants to be held. All. the. time.

    I'm going to figure it out.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I always put my second on my back. It gave me the opportunity to play with my first easily. Heather


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