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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Newborn Stash: a list

Yesterday I got out a few diapers from my newborn stash (which has been packed away for quite awhile now) to take with me to a baby shower to show to a friend who is planning on using cloth when her son arrives in June. It blew my mind because some of them were so tiny and W is such a chunky monkey now! Eventually I want to review each of the diapers we used in our newborn stash as well as the ones we use in our current stash, but I need to start with a list of what was in our newborn stash so here it is!

W's newborn stash:
24 Little Lions Infant (4x6x4) Bleached Indian Prefolds

7 Kissaluvs Fitteds size 0
3 XS Thirsties Fab Fitteds (also pictured are 3 size Small)
1 Sugar Plum Baby newborn fitted

4 Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers size 1
1 Blueberry Minky diaper cover (not pictured because we're still using it!)

5 XS BumGenius 3.0 AIOs
4 Rumparooz Lil Joeys AIOs
1 Thirsties Duo Diaper size 1
1 Small Happy Heiney
2 AppleCheeks size 1 (only 1 pictured, he was wearing the other one at the time!)

All of these diapers got good use except for the prefolds. I will admit that I tried a few times to put him in a prefold but was not quite able to master it (or even do a decent job) and the fitteds with a cover became one of my favorite systems. Even J was more than willing to grab a fitted and a cover!

This was plenty of diapers for us as laundry was getting done every day. My goal was to have enough diapers to only do laundry every other day, but my mom has taken over the diaper laundry duty (what a blessing!) and she prefers to do it every day!


  1. Hi Mariah - following you back! Sounds like we've got a lot in common! (Met our hubbies online, 30-something, into natural med-free labor, cloth diapering, etc.) You have quite the newborn stash. Did you win a lot of the single diapers via giveaways? I'm hardcore into the giveaways right now myself. :) Happy blogging!

  2. Hello! I am with Manager to Mom - all three of us have all of those things in common! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday! I'm a new follower and look forward to reading future posts! :) Our only newborn diapers were the XS BG - they worked really well for us! Following on Twitter and FB too!

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Hey Mariah! Thanks so much for following my blog! I'm following back and would absolutely love to hear your reviews of newborn CDs. We didn't start CDing until ours could fit into size smalls at about a month and a half.

  4. I'd love to do cloth with my next. :)

    Thanks for following Carrigan's Joy; I'm now following back!

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  6. Yay for cloth! Kissaluvs fitteds, Thirsties Duo wraps, and Rumparooz, are my favorite newborn diapers :) Thanks for stopping by Mommy's Peanut Gallery, following back!

  7. Thank you for the follow! Wonderful blog! I'm excited to keep up with it! I especially love this post! We are going to CD our next baby from day 1 and have been looking at what everyone used as a newborn stash :)

  8. Thanks for following Tales From the Nursery! Following back on GFC :)

    I wish I used cloth right away, but we just switched over a couple months ago (still awesome since Riss is inly 4 months!)

    In case you didn't see the button on my sidebar - you should link up to Tailspin Hop - it's a monthly blog hop!

    I have to start putting reviews up of our fluff too. One should be up tomorrow. Just in time for a fluffy giveaway on Tuesday! (Shh, sneak peek lol)

    Darcy @ TFTN

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  11. We used about ten tots bots fitted diapers that we got used, nb prefolds, and thirsties covers when my daughter was a newborn. I loved the fitteds for convenience, and the prefolds because they dried quickly.

  12. I used Kissaluv fitted on my little man when he was a newborn too! They were the best! I use pocket diapers now though, as he pees A LOT, so I need to add extra padding.


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