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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A bad cloth diapering mama.

Yes, I have something to admit. I'm a bad cloth diapering mama. W has slept through the night since he was about 6 weeks old. When he started sleeping 9-10 hours, he also started waking up soaking wet no matter what diaper/insert combination I tried. He didn't seem to care much (he never really does) but I felt bad when he was waking up with wet pajamas and a wet swaddle blanket! I tried for a few weeks to find a solution but didn't have any success. So since W was about 8 weeks old, he's been sleeping in a disposable with a cover over it. He sleeps 10-12 hours and wakes up with dry clothes which makes me feel good but I also hate using a disposable for anything other than an emergency. So now I'm going on a quest for a nighttime solution for us. I have read a number of suggestions from other moms and I'm going to devise a plan and get started in the next week or so. Yes, I'm the type to devise a plan. I figure it would be smart to keep track of what we try.

I plan on trying a variety of inserts in our BG 3.0s even if it ends up being pretty bulky. I have microfiber inserts and some Artsy Fartsy Foo Foo hemp inserts. I also have some other pockets that I could try besides the BGs. I have a GroVia AI2 that I could try something with as well. I have a Monkey Doodlez Bamboo coming my way to try out and I have read good things about it so I'm hopeful. I've also been thinking about trying to Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted since it has a pocket which would allow me to add additional inserts. But I'm waiting to order that until a few of Swagbucks Amazon gift cards post so I could use them in combination with an Amazon coupon I have to get it for less.

Does anyone have any night time cloth diaper solutions they recommend. I'm willing to try out anything that might work with the diapers I have right now!


  1. We usually use a pocket diaper with an Apple Cheeks hemp insert with the microfiber inserts or I'll use a Cow Patties 100% hemp fitted with a wool cover. G is a super heavy wetter.... and pooper LOL

  2. I recommend double stuffing. Our daughter was leaking in her Kawaii snazzy minky dipes with a single microfibre insert, so about a week ago we started stuffing it with 2 MF inserts. She hasn't leaked since! You could also try a MF + bamboo or hemp combo.

  3. I found you on the cloth diaper blog hop and am following you. I love your blog and am fairly new to CDing and blogging myself. I would love it if you could stop by and take a look and offer any input/advice you may have. As for advice for you I have to admit I have been a bad CDing momma too for similar reasons, Grace is a heavy wetter (she'll even leak in a sposie if its 10 or more hours) unlike your little blessing she is not (at 16 months) and NEVER HAS BEEN a good sleeper so I am super scared to try anything that might make it worse, BUT I felt so bad about it recently I've decided I HAVE to. SO I bought some Kawaiis (they are very cheap and so many people SWEAR by them at night. I also bought one Thirsties fab fitted and a couple of WAHM fitteds but I am looking for some cheap covers (maybe wool or fleece?) Before I use those. Anyway the Kawaii goes on tonight so I'll let you know how it goes!
    Thanks so much,


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