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Friday, March 18, 2011

The CD stash: a list

Just as I did with my newborn stash, I wanted to list all of the diapers that make up our current stash (photos will follow, although I doubt I can get them all in one shot since that would leave W without a diaper which is dangerous!) before I begin posting my reviews of them.

W's current stash:
11 BumGenius 3.0 OS (all hook and loop)
5 BumGenius AIOs size small (all hook and loop)
1 medium Happy Heiny pocket (hook and loop)
1 large Happy Heiny pocket (hook and loop)
2 GroVia AI2 shells & inserts (hook and loop)
2 Kawaii Snazzy Minky OS pockets (1 hook and loop, 1 snap)
1 Kawaii OS pocket (Ultra Soft Cross-Over Square Tab snap)
1 Sunbaby OS pocket (snaps)
1 Bubele Bums OS AIO (snaps)
2 unknown brand OS pockets (snaps, I won these in a giveaway and was keeping track of the brands on my old laptop which died an unexpected death not too long ago so perhaps someone can help me identify them with photos!)
1 Thirsties Duo Wrap size 2

We currently are only really using the BG 3.0s and AIOs although he is wearing one of his new GroVias as we speak so we'll see how that goes! Oh, and if you couldn't tell I'm definitely a hook and loop girl at this point!


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