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Monday, March 21, 2011

A day of success!

Today was my first day back at work in 15 weeks and I would put it in the successful category! I teared up some as I left the house and when I arrived at work and was walking into the building. Once I got started with the day, I was okay. The day was insanely busy so that probably helped. What also helped was the fact that my mom brought W up at lunch to visit. It was great to get to hold him in the middle of the work day. I could get used to that! My mom and J have both offered to bring him up as often as I'd like and I may take them up on the offer once a week or so. It's just a nice pick me up.

The second success of the day was the night time cloth diaper! Last night I decided to give it a go and start trying different combinations. Last night I stuffed one of our BG 3.0s with the insert, an AFFF hemp insert, and a doubler. I left for work before W was awake but my mom told me that he woke up with dry pajamas and swaddle blanket. Success! I am using the same combination tonight to see if it works again. I would feel pretty darn lucky if my first attempt was a successful combination for now.

The final success of the day was the fact that I definitely eat less/eat better when I am at work. I can only eat the food I bring with me rather than just wandering into the pantry throughout the day. Plus, I was so busy today that I didn't think about being hungry except at the times I'd planned to eat! This could definitely help with taking off the rest of the pregnancy weight! I would have headed to the gym after work except we had a faculty meeting after work so I went straight home to see W!


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