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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Newborn Stash Review: Sugar Plum Baby Newborn fitted

I'm always on the hunt for a good cloth diaper deal and I'm willing to try new things if the price is right. This led me to purchase a Purple Cotton Sherpa Sugar Plum Baby Newborn Diaper from Monkey Toe Diapers Etsy Shop when she was having a sale.

The transaction went very smoothly and the diaper arrived quickly. I prepped it by washing it a few times and was pleased with the fluffiness of the diaper. It was a lot fluffier than my Kissaluv and Thirsties fitteds. The snap in doubler was easy to remove and snap back in. The fitted also featured a snap down for the umbilical cord. I was pleased with this diaper before I tried it.

I first tried this diaper about a week after W arrived and it was extremely large on him. He was fitting into his KL0s and his Fab Fitteds. When I first tried it on him, it was very large on him and we were not able to use it. I tried again the next week after his cord fell off (which happened very early) and he was still too small for it. So, although it claimed to be newborn size, I found it to be very large on him. Size-wise W was born 7lbs, 13oz and 19.5 inches. By his two week appointment he was up to 8lbs, 9oz and 21.5 inches long. So he wasn't a chunky monkey yet.

Overall, I liked the feel and look of this diaper but never got a full opportunity to try it out because once I tried it a few times and found it to be too big, I never reached for it again.

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