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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Waiting for fluff!

I haven't bought any diapers in quite awhile. I've been very busy just using the diapers I have on W! Plus, I'm on the unpaid stretch of my maternity leave so I've been trying to watch my money. But I won a giveaway at Marine Parents for a $20 gift certificate to Wee Little Changes so I had a little to spend. Instead of going with something I've tried and am familiar with, I decided to branch out and order something that's new for us. I decided to try the GroVia AI2 system. With the free shipping they offer I only paid $4.95 for a shell with an insert. I ordered the Owls print from Wee Little changes.

I also had some Amazon 20% and $10 codes to use which could be used on the GroVia AI2 as well, so I ordered another shell set with insert for $4.95 (free shipping using Amazon Mom). The Ice color was the one that was available to be fulfilled and shipped by Amazon. I had planned on using some of my Swagbucks gift cards to cover the difference, but I had already saved them on another account so I ended up just paying the $4.95. My swag will be there when I want to buy something else (additional inserts perhaps?) and it will all balance out!

Then I found out that Franklin Goose had some things on sale so I went to check it out. I picked up a pack of GroVia boosters, a medium Happy Heiny in sage, and a large Happy Heiny in red. I don't know if I'll need the boosters but they were very cheap. I'm excited about the Happy Heinys! We had one of the smalls when W was a newborn and it was one of our favorites. I will admit that I only bought it because it was on a great sale and I was able to get a black one! Hopefully we will like the medium and large just as much! I wish they had some of the black in the medium or large, but I'm excited about the red one! I've wanted a red diaper!

I felt good about these purchases since I read a lot about how Happy Heinys make good swim diapers as well. Since they were half off, I spent about $22 for all of it including shipping. I usually try not to pay for shipping but sometimes it works out to be worth it.

My GroVia from Amazon came yesterday, but I'm waiting for the rest! I love waiting for fluffy mail!


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  4. I bought some Huggies diapers for my granddaughter the other day and can she what a financial burden this must be on young families. I don't remember what I used to pay when me kids were little, but it sure beats the hassle of those old cloht diapers like my mother had to deal with. There are pros and cons for certain.

    Thanks for becoming part of the A to Z Challenge and for displaying the badge.

    Tossing It Out

  5. I always wanted to try out cloth diapers and never did. The ones that are out now seem so much easier than the ones of the past.

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  6. I haven't bought any diapers in a long time - you are motivating me! I may even try something new!!

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