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Monday, March 28, 2011

Passing on the cloth diaper fever!

I have a friend who is due in June and she is excited to try cloth diapering. It has been fun to pass on what has worked with our experience even though we're only about 4 months into it. Although she has registered for some diapers, she is pretty sure that she won't get any of them as gifts. I decided I wanted to get her something cloth diaper related to support her.

So far, I have purchased a small PlanetWise wet bag for her diaper bag, a newborn fitted from Bum Covered Diapers, and a Thirsties Duo Wrap size 1.

Now I'm looking for one more item to add in. Maybe a little jar of CJ's BUTTer or something along those lines. I plan to put the diaper and cover in the wet bag as the wrapping so I don't have too much room to add anything else. It needs to be something small.


  1. You are a great friend. I think these are perfect gifts!

  2. A little jar of BUTTer (or something similar) would be nice, or how about one or two small prefolds and a snappi? That would let her try another type of "under cover" diaper in addition to the fitted?


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