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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things We Love: Summer Infant SwaddleMe

As I mentioned before with our Fisher Price Seahorse we have a few items in our ever-growing collection of baby gear that are definitely things that belong at the top of our list. Another of these items are our Summer Infant SwaddleMe blankets.
While that is obviously not a picture of W using his SwaddleMe, it is a photo of the ones we have. I registered for a variety of them, but only received a two-pack of the small cotton blankets. I never ended up buying anymore before he was born and after he was born, we did well with the two we had until he started to get too big for them.

Although we practiced how to swaddle in our birthing class, when we got home from the birthing center (a mere 4 hours after W was born) figuring out how to swaddle was not something that was coming easily. Within a few hours, the SwaddleMe came to the rescue! It was so simple to lay him on top of the blanket and tuck his little legs in. The velcro tabs allowed us to get his arms in (no small task) and secured without the bottom half of the swaddle falling apart!

We had a two pack in the green and a monkey print so we were able to always have one to use when one was in the wash. These were lifesavers when trying to get W to sleep for the night and they continue to be part of his nightly routine. We did have to purchase one in the next size and it is still a bit too big to be as good of a fit as I would like at this point. Most nights he is able to get his arms out of it but he still sleeps through the night. I'm hoping he makes a natural transition to no swaddle but until then we will continue to swaddle him to get him to sleep!

We visited some friends the other night and W was ready for bed while we were still out. I hadn't brought the SwaddleMe with us so I had to attempt to swaddle him with a receiving blanket (that wasn't even square) and while I did it well enough to get him to sleep, I think I will always throw it into the diaper bag if we might be out in the evening!

To celebrate my dependence on the SwaddleMe, I'll share a little retro W. This is him at home, less than 24 hours old!

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