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Friday, April 22, 2011

A to Z Challenge: S is for Stars & Stripes

S got me caught up a bit when it came to staying with my cloth diaper theme for the week. I was going to go with S is for Snap-in and highlight systems with snap in inserts but I really wanted to try and stay with something that had to do with color or design so... S is for Stars & Stripes!

We do not own any diapers with stars on them although I would love to have one (or more)! We do have one striped diaper and we've had issues with it leaking so that is a bummer because it is minky too! (Ooh... I could have done S is for Soft and focused on minky!) Anyway, I wish more diaper makers offered prints that featured stars or stripes because they really are pretty cute.

I featured our striped Kawaii Snazzy Minky earlier this week on the P is for Prints post. It's definitely cute and it's definitely soft!

Thirsties offers Duo Diapers and Duo Wraps in the Cool Stripes and Warm Stripes prints!

GroVia used to offer two shells with stripes, including the Seaside Stripe.

CuteyBaby has some great blue stripes. This print is called Nantucket Stripe.

Nifty Nappy also had a wonderful Spring Stripe print.

I'm sure there are many other stripes out there and if you find a great one I would love to see it! I love stripes (and polka dots too) but stars can get me even faster. They are so cute. Here are a few great diapers I found that feature stars!

Blueberry offers a pocket diaper in this great Stars print!

This amazing diaper is from Bummis!

The green stars is another print available from Kawaii. They definitely have some cute (and affordable) prints!

I love all of the stars and stripes I found and I will be on the lookout for more! These prints test my resilience! We do not need diapers right now, no we do not! If I keep telling myself that maybe I will be able to resist temptation!



  1. I think the Kawaii green stars are adorable!

  2. SUPER cute cloth diapers!! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! I'd love a visit at
    Happy Easter!

  3. Those are some cool looking diapers!

  4. Love these colors! They are so "springy". Thanks for sharing.


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