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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A to Z Challenge: T is for Tiny

T is for Tiny. Tiny diapers! I have discussed what we used for our newborn stage, but I also did a lot of research before making my decisions and I ran across a number of options. Many people recommended prefolds with covers so I bought some of those when Little Lions was having a seconds sale and didn't end up using them. The rest of our newborn stash consisted of fitteds and covers as well as AIOs and a few pockets. I'll begin with the diapers that worked very well for us when W was tiny.

We had our bumGenius AIOs in size x-small and then in size small. These were so easy to use although they took a while to dry.
newborn, cloth diapers, aio, bum genius

Our other AIOs were our Lil' Joeys. I liked these very early because they fit so well. They did have limited use and were the first to leak as he grew out of them. Still, they were wonderful for the first few weeks! Like the bumGenius, they took a good amount of time to dry.
newborn, cloth diapers, aio, lil joey

We also had one Thirsties Duo Diaper size 1. I loved the gussets on the diaper and the fact that it also had a pocket that I could use to increase the absorbency if needed (similar to the small bumGenius AIOs. We only ever used it as an AIO though it did dry faster than the others due to the pocket.
newborn, cloth diapers, aio, thirsties

We also used Kissaluvs size 0 fitteds. These worked great for us and only got put on backwards once!
newborn, cloth diapers, fitted, kissaluvs, KL0

And the old style Thirsties Fab Fitteds. I definitely liked these because they had aplix instead of snaps!
newborn, cloth diapers, fitted, thirsties, fab fitted

We covered both of those with Thirsties Duo Wraps size 1 and never had a leak. The Duo Wraps are the got to covers in this house!
newborn, cloth diapers, diaper cover, thirsties, duo wrap

We had one small Happy Heiny pocket in black. It was one of just a few pockets that fit when he was a newborn.

We also had two AppleCheeks envelope covers in size 1 that worked well from the beginning. These were an easy to use pocket system so they also dried very quickly! I liked these because we could have used them as extra covers for fitteds as well!

These were some of the diapers I had read about during my research and I will admit that a few, such as the AppleCheeks, were just diapers I bought during a great sale. I got them for half off and it was back at the beginning of my shopping for diapers so I was very excited. Once W was here, I was even more pleased because they worked from very early on and fit him for quite a while.

Here are some of the other diapers I saw recommended as I researched for our stash. Some of them are so adorable and I bet they are very cute in person! Yes, I also have a soft spot for tiny little cloth diapers!

I recently discovered CutiePoops and they are so cute! They offer a newborn size that claims to fit up to 12 pounds. If you want adorable in a tiny diaper, I think CutiePoops is the one!

I recently bought a newborn fitted from Bum Covered Diapers as a gift for a friend. While I haven't had a chance to use it since it isn't for me and I don't have a newborn, it does look like the sizing will be perfect!

I've seen many people recommend Proraps covers for the newborn stage. They are affordable and they come in preemie and newborn sizes!

I recently discovered that Bummis makes a Tini Fit diaper (and they have a red and orange color)! I would be interested to see how these work for a newborn as I know many like the Bummis covers for the newborn stage!

I've also seen many people recommend the Bummis Whisper Wrap covers for the newborn stage and they have some adorable prints!

I know that there are probably a lot of other options when it comes to building a newborn stash, especially if you are willing to look into WAHM products. I know many people debate using disposables until the baby gets big enough for one size diapers but I am personally very glad that we got a newborn stash that allowed me to begin early with W!


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