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Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: martinashley designs (Etsy)

I haven’t shared my Etsy love in awhile, so Monday seems like the perfect day to revisit that particular obsession of mine. I want to be such a crafty person and usually I can get one project done but never do it again. If it involves scrapbooking, I always have these great plans and they never get done! I am much better with the DIY around the house type. I love to paint and decorate and I eventually get those projects completed. Still, I dream of being able to sew cute onesies, diapers, burp cloths, and bibs for W. It will never happen but I can dream! As a result, I often spending time in the evenings after W has gone to bed, browsing all of the creations available on Etsy. It’s easy to lose hours doing it, so you have to be careful!

Recently, I discovered a cute little Etsy shop called martinashley designs. Ashley offers a wide variety of items from quilts, embroidered flour sack towels, to baby items! You can expect to find the usual baby items such as burp cloths and bibs, but Ashley also makes quilts out of your favorite baby clothes! This is something that I may have to take advantage of in the future as I have developed some sentimental attachments to some of W’s newborn clothing. I used to think that was ridiculous, then he was born. It’s funny how things change. I might also use her to make a quilt out of J's old Metallica t-shirts since he has about 100 at least!

I had the opportunity to work with Ashley and try one of her embroidered burp cloths and a dribble bib with W. I was delighted by the opportunity because Ashley has been wonderful to work with and I adore personalized items. When we decided on W’s name, we accepted the fact that it was a name that we wouldn’t be seeing on mugs at Sea World or on little license plates at Disney World. That is why I chose it. I grew up with a unique name and wanted my children to have that as well. As a result, I love every personalized item we have for W. His Grammy has given us a few items, including a blanket, a Sesame Street t-shirt, and a bunny stuffed animal. We also got an amazing blanket with his name o it from one of my mother’s friends and a personalized burp cloth from a teacher who works at my school. I love them all! So when Ashley offered to personalize a burp cloth for W, I was thrilled! I was also very interested in the dribble bib as we use at least 4 bibs a day with the way W is drooling!

Both items arrived in good shape and were both very cute. Please note that I have obviously blurred W’s name out of the photo of the burp cloth and it does not appear that way in person! In fact, the embroidery is wonderful! The colors coordinate well and that is a quality I can appreciate. I love the brown tones of the thread as most of the personalized items we have for W are different shades of blue. Does a boy always have to equal blue?

While I’m not sure which kind of burp cloths Ashley uses, I do know that this one fluffs up extremely well in the wash and feels like some of the Gerber Organic burp cloths I got at one of my baby showers. They are some of our favorite burp cloths so that is definitely an added feature for Ashley’s burp cloths! It is extremely absorbent and very soft. W likes to hold it as a lovey a lot of the time. It’s also a great diaper bag burp cloth because people are impressed when we pull it out. Yes, I’ve become that mom!

The dribble bib is very cute as well. I liked the fabric print and it is extremely soft. It is one of the softest bibs we have. Unfortunately for my little chunky monkey, it’s tight on his neck. He is definitely chubby and while the bib fit, it was snug and I wouldn’t have left it on him long. For a more middle-of-the-road baby, I think they fit would be great. But I’m getting used to things not quite fitting W due to being a big boy! Still, I was very impressed with the quality of the bib, especially the softness! If you’re looking for a bib along these lines, I definitely recommend martinashley designs for affordability and quality!


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