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Monday, May 16, 2011

Post-Baby Slim Down #weightloss

I may be trying to figure out my formula for motherhood, but I'm also trying to figure out my formula for losing the baby weight. Back in 2002 I began my original weight loss journey and after two years of hard work, I lost 80 pounds and changed my life.

In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was extremely stressed out about gaining weight but then my concern for W and his well-being took over and I knew I had to gain the recommended 25-35 pounds. For someone who worked so hard to go from obese to healthy, this was a major thing for me. But in the end, I gained and I gained in a healthy way. I gained 32 pounds total over my pregnancy. I lost about 12 right after W was born and have fluctuated since then. On average I'm about 9 pounds down. This has put me into the overweight category of BMI so my first goal is to lose enough to have a healthy BMI. I need to lose 10 pounds to be there for my height.

I have struggled to find a balance. It became clear very quickly that I didn't want to spend the time stopping at the gym after work like I had before W was born. I just wanted to go straight home to him! So, I've decided that I will train to run. I'm not a runner, I'm a very good walker and can even race walk, but running has never been my thing. My mom runs and does a couple of half marathons a year. She is wonderful inspiration.

I started a little over 2 weeks ago and have been running/jogging 6 days week for the past two weeks. I have already gained strength and although some days are challenging, I have not give up. During the week I do a loop around my subdivision that is a bit over a mile. On one of my weekend days, I got a bit further. I need to measure the extra little loop I do once on the weekend to see what the total is but I think it's around a mile and a half. My ultimate goal is to be able to run a full 5k.

Last week I also got very focused on my eating and after weighing in at 179.9 pounds last Monday morning, I weighed in at 175.7 pounds! That is a loss of 4.2 pounds! While I know I will not see a loss like this every week, it's nice to see after being so focused!

I just keep telling myself that I've lost the weight in the past and I can do it again! Anyone can do it if they set their mind to it!


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