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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mother's Day Event 2011: Early Entry Opportunities

I Love My Mommy
Mother's Day Event 2011
Early Entry Opportunities

Form is now closed.

Here is your opportunity to earn early entries into the Mother's Day Giveaway Event! The Early Entry form will be available for submission until Tuesday, May 3rd at 8:59pm CST. This will give me a day to tally the early entries prior to the beginning of the event. You will then be able to use the early entries on any of the giveaways being offered at FormulaMom during the event (both the major prize pack and the cloth). Please note that these early entries will only be valid on FormulaMom event giveaways and will only be valid if you return during the event to complete the mandatory entry for each giveaway!

Earn Early Entries!

There are many ways to earn early entries, you can do as many as you would like and submit them on the form below. I will continue to update this post as I post Sponsor Spotlights! There are 83 early entry opportunities available, not including daily tweets!

Connect to FormulaMom
(Maximum 26 early entries, not including the daily tweets)
  • Become a public GFC follower of FormulaMom (if you already follow, just remind me!) (+1 early entry)
  • Sign up for the FormulaMom RSS feed (right side bar) (+3 early entries)
  • Sign up (and confirm subscription) to FormulaMom email updates (right side bar) (+3 early entries)
  • Follow @FormulaMom on Twitter and leave your handle so I know who you are! (+1 early entry)
  • Like FormulaMom on Facebook and leave your name so I know who you are! (+3 early entries)
  • Tweet this giveaway and leave permalink - RT @formulamom #Win $315+ in prizes in I Love My Mommy Event! Get early entries now! #win4mom #newmom #momhood (can be done up to 4 times daily, at least an hour between each tweet please)
  • Grab the button below and post it on your blog. Let me know where I can find it and please keep it posted until the winners are announced. (+5 early entries)
    I love my mommy giveaway blog hop
  • Blog about this event and provide a link to your post. (+5 early entries)
  • Post about this event on a message board or other public arena and provide the link to your post. Please be sure that you are not breaking any rules for the board! (+5 early entries)
Follow our Sponsors on Twitter!
You earn 1 extra entry for each sponsor you follow! Please leave your Twitter handle for verification. (Maximum of 8 early entries)

Like our Sponsors on Facebook!
You earn 1 extra entry for each sponsor you follow! Please leave your Facebook name for verification. (Maximum of 11 early entries)

Show Some Facebook Love!
Visit each sponsor on Facebook and leave some love! Tag @formulamom in your comment and you earn 2 extra entries for each sponsor you visit! Please leave permalinks for verification. (Maximum of 22 early entries)

Visit the Sponsors!
  • Visit Bags and Babes and tell me about your favorite item! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit Infantaisle and tell me which bib and burp cloth set you would choose! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit Thanks Mama and tell me what you would use your gift certificate towards! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit Woombie and tell me what size Organic Woombie you would need! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit MamaLittleHelper and tell me you would buy with your gift certificate if you won! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit Maternitique and tell me which scent you would get! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit Zookies and tell me which print you would get for your cover! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit Pooters and tell me about your favorite product! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit Meeno Babies and tell me which color liner you would choose! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit babybindle and tell me which color SeatPak you would choose! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit ITZBEEN and tell me about your favorite feature! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit SoftPlay and tell me about your favorite book! (+1 early entry)
  • Visit Kidsbooks and tell me about your favorite book! (+1 early entry)


  1. Do we fill out the form for each entry we complete or rhe total number of entries we completed??

  2. @Meredith you can do it either way. You can do the total. If you do some separate submissions just be sure to use the same email so I can sort them and total them for you next week!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ok I think that I have successfully submitted my first form for early entries (52 I believe) Sure hope it sent properly, as it was time consuming (and so worth every second!) Thanks for this opportunity, I had lots of fun checking all these shops out :)

  5. @Erin I got it and it looks good Erin! I will be tallying on Tuesday night and send you an email with your total (and directions on how to use them) on Wednesday!


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